The Top Questions You should Remember to Ask an Estate Agent when Viewing Property

It’s important to remember this when you are looking for property to buy: most estate agents are your friend. They do, after all, have a reputation to protect, and because of this, they would want to give you a good, if not excellent, service. Additionally, estate agents have the legal obligation to tell you the truth, so you should ask them as many pertinent questions as possible. But what questions should you be asking an estate agent when viewing property? Here’s a helpful list.

Why is the property for sale?

This is one of the first questions you should ask: why is the owner selling their property? Even if the estate agent does not answer your question outright, you may still glean some valuable information based on what they hint or say. If you find out, for instance, that the property owner is moving abroad, you may use this information to negotiate a lower rate.

What is included with the property or with the sale?

Another important question you should ask is what is included in the property or with the sale. You can’t just assume that all the fixtures are included, for instance. Ask the estate agent the exact boundary of the property, and if that garden shed or that greenhouse is actually part of it. It doesn’t hurt to confirm these things so you know exactly what you are getting.

How long has the property been for sale?

Asking this question can lead to some important negotiations as well. If you ask the estate agent how long the property has been for sale and they answer that it’s been on the market for more than a few months, this can mean that the property owner may be willing to settle for a price that’s lower than the original.

How many times has the property changed hands?

It is also important to ask how many times the property has changed hands. If the property has had more than a few owners in the last 10 or 20 years, this may hint at some underlying issue. If you find out that the property has changed hands more than a few times, you may also want to contact the previous owners to ask them directly why they moved out.

Does the property face north or south?

This may not be such a hard-core question as the others mentioned above, but it still matters to most people – and it’s something that most buyers will not even think about until it’s too late. But if you like watching the sun set from the garden, or you’re the kind who likes the morning sun in your bedroom, it matters which direction the property faces, as confirmed by property experts specialising in property for sale in Colchester, Aldham, Ingatestone, and other quality neighbourhoods.