3 Essential Components of a Valuation Report You Need to be Aware of

The goal of hiring a property surveyor is for you to receive a valuation report. This is important when you are planning to sell the property. This serves as a guide to the amount for which you can sell the property.

It is easier to convince people to buy the property if they know exactly how much it is worth. They need proof that someone really came over and checked it instead of just telling them that you have estimated the price based on your personal observation.

The valuation report contains the necessary information for potential buyers to determine that the property is really worth the value assigned. Here are the details contained in the valuation report.

1. List of registered owners

Buying a property comes with risks. It is essential to establish the legal owner of the property before going ahead with any intended purchase. With the name of the property owner appearing on the official valuation report, it makes buyers feel more confident about the transaction.

2. Description of the property

This is given in detail. Everything that the surveyor observes in the property is included in the report. The tiniest details are there to prove that every corner has been inspected. If there are missing tiles or broken windows that have been left unfixed, they will be included in the report. This is a good thing though, since you can show it to potential buyers as evidence that the property has been fully inspected and the valuation is really accurate. If they still wish to buy the property despite some problems, it is their choice.

3. Market rate of the property

The estimated value of the property will be included in the report. This is done after everything has been calculated. By the time the potential buyer reaches that part of the report, they should already be fully convinced that the property is really worth the stated amount.

If you are planning to sell property in Essex, it is in your best interest to have a surveyor come over to check every detail. Look for high quality surveyors in Essex who have extensive experience in doing the job plus knowledge of the local area. Placing a value on the property will then be easier with proper understanding of the value of the properties located in the neighbourhood.

Having property valued by a professional property surveyor has many benefits: it eliminates worry regarding unknown issues, it provides detailed information regarding issues which should be addressed, and provides an accurate estimation of the actual current value of the property for both sellers and buyers.